A downloadable game

Required hardware:

HTC Vive

You are the captain of a paranormal investigation organization named “Dark Water Investigation” and one of your field agents has failed to report back after taking on the a case that there were strange sightings at the old Fort Lytton compound that had been decommissioned in 1965.  

These strange sightings were believed to involve some kind of cult as a piece of manuscript was found on the road leading up to the Fort Lytton compound stating “ He will return, The site is ready, Our lives are forfeit to him”.  It has fallen to you, as captain of the missing agent unit to bring the missing agent home and to quell this “cult” if the sightings are true. 

You have dealt with cults in the past and the extreme cautious must be exercised when cults are involved.   Good luck captain and if things get hairy out there, you know what to do……….



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