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1216 years in the future, Fort Lytton is being rebuilt after having been destroyed, burnt, shattered, and bombed, over the past 16 wars.  Now, with two MegaCities surrounding it, one, a slum-riddled cess pool, the other, the pinnacle of sophistication and future technology, Fort Lytton is being rebuilt, so that it may once again be studied to understand the past civilizations.  You are a slum child/teenager who manages to sneak into the building site, and begins to have visions of what Fort Lytton was once occupied by.

Side Story Note:

To retain the rights to rebuild and preserve Fort Lytton as a Historical and Archaeological site, the cannons were removed as they had previously been upgraded and used for warfare purposes. 

Install instructions

Use a VR Headset.

All pre-requisites are included.

You can teleport, pick-up objects, and explore inside of the space.


iSNUCKintofortLYTTONwhileitbeingREBUILT.zip 885 MB